Elite BBQ Smokers was started in 2010 by Jason & Michelle Hardee as a Competition BBQ team. Over the years we have competed in 100s of BBQ Competitions all over the country.

Jason and Michelle Hardee

Our Mission

Take the lessons, recipes, techniques and tricks that we have gathered over the years and sharing them with you in How-To Videos.

Our Goals

By doing this you will be able to get a first-hand knowledge and allowing you to recreate all of our recipes and get amazing results.

"You know what I love about BBQ. It is that it has taught me patience. Because it does not matter how much of a rush I am in. I still have to wait until the meat is done before I can remove it from the smoker" Pitmaster - Jason Hardee

If you have a passion for BBQ and are interested in being part of the Elite BBQ Smokers family, then we invite you to join us by clicking on the links for our newsletter and YouTube channel.
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We are here to help. 

Whether you’re curious about a recipe, a technique, or just have a request for us to try something new. 

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