“The Secret to good food is tenderness. A tender steak can overcome flavor,
but a tough steak can not overcome tenderness” Pitmaster, Jason Hardee

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BBQ Shotgun Shells

Before you head over to your friends for a Party or Tailgating event. You will need an Appetizer to take. This is where you will find those simple and easy appetizer or tailgating recipes. 




Its what for dinner. If you are looking for some great recipes ideas for dinner featuring Beef. Then this is where you will find those recipes. We have everything from Ribeye Steaks to Standing Rib Roast



Spatchcock Chicken

Chicken is the most versicle protein out there. And when it is cooked right it is delicious. Here are some of our favorite recipes for chicken that are Simple and loaded with flavor. 



Smoked Turkey

Turkey is one of those meals that are usually reserved for the holidays and special events. But it is also one of those meals that can be very simple to cook and the results speak for themselves. Here are a few of our favorite recipes for Turkey.


Pulled Pork Sandwich

OK, so Pork is one of my favorite proteins to cook. And here you will find some of our best recipes that is guaranteed to impress everyone at your next family meal or get together.


Pumpkin Pie Crisp

When it come to desserts. I turn this one over to Michelle because the recipes that she shares is simple, easy and delicious. So here is where you will find Michelle’s Dessert Recipes


Meat lovers Pizza

Pizza has become one of the staple foods at many dinners. Here is where you will find our favorite Pizza recipes cooked at home in the Pizza oven and on the grill.

Steelhead Trout

Sometime cooking fish can be intimidating because it is such a delicate protein. But when you follow these recipes you will see how simple it is to cook and the results are amazing. 


Low Country Broil

Seafood is always a favorite for meals and gatherings. When you properly prepare and cook seafood it is in a level all by itself. These recipes will help you ensure that you make those seafood dishes perfect. 



A meal is never complete without the sides and the recipe that we are sharing for our side dish will help you take your dinner meals to the next level. 


Roasted Lamb

Lamb is one of the most underrated proteins out there. Lamb is very flavorful and delicious when cook properly, and the recipes that we are sharing here is guaranteed to bring out all those flavors. 


Roasted Duck Breast

This is a collection of wildgame recipes that will make you stand up and take notice. The flavor and texture of the protein is second to none. For many, this is the most intimidating thing to cook. But if you follow our recipes you will learn the tricks to properly prepare and how to cook your wildgame to make it mouth watering and delicious. 


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